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Requests and questions can also be sent via the internet or via our chat located in the top right hand corner on each page. Click here to contact us.

Patina (color) and hammering pattern may vary due to the handmade quality of our products. Dimensions can vary +/- .5".

Our Mexican copper sinks are not sealed which makes the patina a "living finish". In a kitchen sink, do not place aluminum or hot pots or pans directly on the bottom of the sink. Also do not leave it for any period of time as this will cause a ring that is either lighter or darker on the bottom of the sink. Soap pumps that spill over in the same place can also remove the patina. Do NOT use acidic or corrosive products such as vinegar, abrasive cleaners, including "Soft Scrub", copper cleaners (these will shine the sink just like the picture on the jar), citric acids like lemon (if left on the bottom, once removed, a shiny spot will remain), tomato products (i.e. Spaghetti or BBQ sauce) or harsh chemicals or cleaners (i.e. bowl cleaner, lime away products, etc). These substances can strip the living patina off the sink to a shiny and sometimes pinkish copper color. Should this happen not to worry, the natural oxidation of the copper will darken the sink back naturally.

Use CopperSinkCare copper sink wax or conditioning oil to help protect from changes. If lightening has occurred, allow to darken before using the wax or oil. Apply as directed. CopperSinkCare products are all natural, food and people safe.

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